Sunday, August 30, 2009

The important of money

Asian people find difficult to discuss about money matter and treat it as sensitive issue especially to family or superior. I agree that many people claim that money does not make you happy but money are able for me to buy other people time and talent to do what I can’t do or I hate to do. For the example, my mother-in-laws asked to in-charged a joint venture with developer because my status as a land surveyor. I do not want to get in trouble and get trap because of this uncompleted agreement. Therefore, I am using a lawyer whom well known in land matter to amend and advise me on the agreement with my mother-in-laws and the developer.

Similar with our financial status, you must always ask yourself why my financial status likes this and how to improve it. This is a basic quote to enable us to realize why we are in average group. Average group are the person like me that only waiting for monthly income and most of the income will use to settle credit card, bill, loan and minimum saving for emergency.

This is why government encourage Malaysian to start a business either small or medium scale. This is one of solution to generate side income to family. It is sad to tell that nowadays many professionals unable to complete with enterprise in term of financial.

Creating a business sounds simple but it involve of skills such as business skills, money management skills and investment skills. There is no easy road and shortcut to generate wealth. Nowadays there are many schemes either in internet or non-internet claim to generate handsome income with minimum effort. The question is how many people will success without work hard on the business.

All the people want to be rich and it is normal to everybody. I solute those people because they have a bright direction to success. They have a plan in their business. Even in Islam religion, the religion also telling that we need to work hard to generate wealth and subsequently with the wealth we are able to give zakat and assist those in poor categories.

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