Friday, July 17, 2009

Introduce : Financial, Management & Business IQ

Nowadays either you are professional or unprofessional, we are struggling to look for more money in our life. This is the main reason I create this blog and I named as “Financial, Management & Business IQ”.

Financial is an interesting and compulsory subject in our life but Malaysian do not have such opportunity to learn during school time even in University. There many still many young graduates still do not know what is financial. How important financial in our life. How to plan our financial and so on?

The second keyword is management. I will realize that even you smart in earning monthly income but fail in managing your money then you also will suffer when retirement. It happens in western and government do not have fund to support to these group of people.

Business is a new venture for me after I left as a Planter. Most of the people claim that business is risky and need high capital to run. I agree if you are running a huge business. There are many ways of running a small and with minimum cost. Please kindly visit this blog to understand about Financial, Management & Business IQ.

Basically, I like to read and share the good quality article with those people whom want to improve knowledge.

Thank you.