Saturday, October 3, 2009

The distance is nothing; it is the first step that is difficult

“The distance is nothing; it is the first step that is difficult” by - Madame Marie du Deffand

Nowadays with the leverage of internet technology, we are able to communicate easily all over the world either east, west, south or north. There is no more boundary or limitation with this intelligent invention.

For the instant, I am a professional land surveyor and nearly everyday I need to communicate with my clients with this technology and it become a common tool in business. Even we still need office telephone, fax and hand phone for communication and receiving fax information.

Internet is a powerful tool in business. Recently, I realized that there are many youngsters fully utilized this leverage and generate a handsome income for them even they still schooling. The universal law has been changed and no much people aware about it for those people still chasing for certificate, diploma, degree, master or PHD. I do not deny that education is unimportant because without education we can not read and write. If you want to rich or financial freedom then you need have a vision as what our former prime minister, Tun Dr. Mahathir did.

A vision is a target you want to achieve in a certain period which Malaysia is doing now. What is vision? A simple definition for a layman I can define it as imagination or dream.
All the people has their dream even a kindergarten kid. Combination of vision and afford will generate a strength to build your wealth.

Recently, my brother-in-laws was asking the concept of business in Chinese community.
He envied with the Chinese run a business in what even scale and he coded a Chinese bicycle owner. This old Chinese man only repairing bicycle in a small shop and able to buy insurance to his children but my brother-in-law is unable to do that even has qualification in electrical wiring. This is the difference between a business group and earn monthly salary group. In business, there is no fix income for you and you need to work very hard before you are able to taste the sweet. I can image how tough of this Chinese bicycle owner when he started the business but it was good move because he has a vision which he has been achieved now.

Yesterday, there was a client came to us regarding land matter. During the conversation, he did mention about the business. He is 60 over years old but he still actives running his tyre business. According to him, there is no off day in business. He will personally change the tyre if the workers are no available. Can you see this successful Chinese attitude, he works very work to serve the customer. In business without a customer then you will died standing.

My conclusion is business a solution toward financial freedom but it is tough journey. Please kindly download this useful article as your business mindset guide.

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