Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Progress Report

I still remember when I was a Planter and every month before middle of the month I need to submit progress report to Headquarter. In the progress report I need to report the yield, operating cost, work being carried out such as spraying & manuring. These entire figures can be extracted from the account and daily record book. The main reason of progress report is to enable HQ to monitor the estate operating and maintain the operating cost within the budget .This is why plantation company able to generate profit with reasonable cost.

Similar with our personal financial status, we need to review monthly or quarterly to avoid overspent. Most of us are busy with our career and ignore our financial status. I work very hard for the company when I was a junior planter. There is no much entertainment in my life and in my mind only duty and duty. I work nearly everyday and never feel tired during young time. I start review my life and financial status when I promoted to senior post. This is the difference between you live in comfortable zone with “poor” zone. When a person is poor in financial, he/she is unable to see his/her future because his/her time is used by their employer. However, when you are in comfortable zone, you are using people time and energy to do your duty. This is why we must look for plenty of money to live in comfortable zone. No because we are greedy in money but when we are in comfortable zone, we are able to review and think out of the box.

Progress report is a powerful tool even you run a small business. You need to sit down to think and review what you have done during the month. This is why I need to retire as young as possible from financial trap. When you have retired then you are able to appreciate your life. Time is precious and don’t waste it….appreciate the time.

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